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International Cash Loans

In addition to providing international financial resources for the project management of companies, Eurotek also provides professional advisory services in the fields of banking relations, credit processes, and management of cash flows in order to regulate cash flows and to ensure liquidity.

Our aim is to provide suitable credit to our customers with minimum cost and expected term benefits

International Non-Cash Loans

With fast and creative approaches and solutions, Eurotek provides Non-Cash Credits (Letter of Guarantee & Letter of Credit) to companies in need of Non-Cash credits from leading banks and credit institutions of the world.We provide and suggest the Non-Cash Loan our customers need in a few stages in a fast, profitable and professional manner.

Industrial Solutions

As Eurotek, we provide international dynamic opportunities and flexible solutions to companies in various sectors to be one step ahead of their competitors, to be a strong competitor in the existing market throughout the world and to have access to a new market.